Cross Border Shuttles

The Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort offers a shuttle service that can bring you from San Juan Del Sur, across the borders to either Costa Rica or Panama.  You do not need to take a taxi to the border, get left on your own to go through customs, and find your own way on the other side.  You can now travel across borders in a private air conditioned van with WiFi.  Below you will find all shuttle times.  To reserve email

nicaragua shuttle
From                                  To                                       Departs                   Price
Liberia                               San Juan Del Sur           9:15 am                   $50  
San Juan Del Sur            Arenal                               6 am                         $75  
San Juan Del Sur            San Jose                          6 am                         $80  

Our Shuttles

San Jose                           San Juan Del Sur           5 am                         $80  
San Juan Del Sur            Liberia                              6 am                         $50  
Arenal                                San Juan Del Sur           6 am                        $75  
San Juan Del Sur            Puerto Viejo                    6 am                         $125

* All prices do not include entry / exit border fees.  Prices are subject to change.  Shuttles pick up and drop off at the Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort *

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