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The Surf Ranch skateboard park is located on site at the Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort in San Juan Del Sur, and is the largest skatepark in Nicaragua. It has been designed and built by Canadian brothers and owners of the Surf Ranch who have been skateboarding for 15 years. The park is open to everyone, it is FREE and helmets are not required.


The skatepark has areas for beginners, intermediate and pros, with everything from flat bars and manual boxes to hubbas, quarter pipes and handrails. All outside guests welcome. Skateboard Rentals - $2 per hour.

"By far, the best skatepark & resort in Central America" - Ryan L.
surf ranch red bull skateboarding

Professional skateboarder, Chico Brenes along with 5 other pros, including Chris Haslam, Steve Nesser, Jose Rojo, Justin Eldridge and Stevie Perez embarked on a journey to Nicaragua to host a demo at the Surf Ranch skatepark. It was the best skateboarding that Nicaragua has seen live.  Check out the adventure they had (Watch Video Here), including skating the streets of Managua, getting rained out, and the best demo that Nicaragua has ever witnessed.


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Tel: (505) 8816 - 8748




Empalme de el Valle (Valley Entrance)

991.5 meters al Este

San Juan Del Sur | Nicaragua

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