Private fitness center for resort guests only

The Surf Ranch Hotel & Resort has a private gym available for resort guests only.  It is free to use, just simply ask the reception for the key.


The gym is private and includes everything you need for a great work out including a treadmill, bike, weights of all sizes, exercise ball, yoga mats and blocks, weight machine, as well as free water and towels to use.  There is also a private bathroom in the gym.


The Surf Ranch is the only hotel or resort in San Juan Del Sur to have a gym on site.   Due to a high demand of guests requesting a gym, we have now made it come true as it goes hand in hand with our athletic and action sports theme.


A great way to stay in shape while on vacation, especially after drinking all of those pina coladas!



"So happy to be able to stay in shape while on vacation" - Chrissie P.