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surfing in san juan del sur nicaragua at the surf ranch resort

The Surf Ranch offers the most thorough and professional surf instruction in all of Nicaragua. You will be taught by professional local surfers. The surfing lessons include transportation to and from the surf beaches, long board rental, and a 1.5 hour lesson.

From the Surf Ranch, we drive you to the best waves of the day, which may include Remanso or Hermosa Beach. Different beaches are different prices as some charge entry.


Learn to surf in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Our surf lessons start off by arriving to the beach and getting set up. You will then spend 20 – 30 minutes learning surfing techniques in the sand. Once you are ready, you will spend the next hour, learning how to get up on the board, and catching larger waves. Depending on your current skill level, our surf instructors will teach you anything you need to know. We guarantee that you will be able to stand up on your board the very first day.

surf lessons in san juan del sur nicaragua at the surf ranch hotel and resort
Private Lesson 1 - 2 people

The private lessons includes transportation to different beaches, surf board rentals, and a 1.5 hour private lesson from local pro riders. Rates below.  Prices are lowered for 3 + people.

Remanso Beach - $50 per person
Hermosa Beach - $60 per person
surf board rentals in san juan del sur at the surf ranch hotel and resort
Surf Board Rentals

We have all types of surf boards available, any size or shape you need.  We have premium discounts from all the top surf shops in town to provide the widest selection.  The boards are delivered to you at the resort or the beaches.

Board Rentals - $15 each
Popular San Juan Del Sur - Surf Beaches
remanso beach surf ranch

Remanso Beach is known as the beginner beach in San Juan Del Sur. This is the beach where you can go to learn how to surf, as the waves are mellow and it is easier to stand up. But the futher you go out, you can really catch some large waves and barrels on the good days. The beach itself is fairly small, and they have 3 - 4 small restaurants where you can order an awesome fish taco.

hermosa beach surf ranch

Hermosa Beach is an intermediate beach and the best beach to surf on without getting in anyones way as the beach stretches over a far distance. On site there is a restaurant and a place where you can rent surfboards or even go on a horseback tour. This is the film location of the TV show Survivor, who have filmed 4 episodes here. It costs around $3 - $4 per person to enter the beach at the entrance.

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"Learning to Surf in Nicaragua has been crossed off my bucket list!" - Amy J.
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